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Latifah is a working Black daughter who dreams of becoming a smart business owner. 
Currently, Latifah’s focus is on starting a sustainable business.
Ultimately, Latifah really wants to to experience economic freedom at 6 figures a year. 
Right this minute, Latifah would be ecstatic if she could develop a monthly income of 10K. 
Unfortunately, Latifah still needs to figure out how to find the specific type of help she needs.
Latifah is also really frustrated by the fact that she does not know where or how to start a business.
Plus, she still needs the answer to this question before she can move forward: “Is there someone I can talk to about what exactly do I need to know or do to start a business?”
Latifah is also still hung up on the idea that she’s not tech savvy and has bought other programs she doesn’t understand.
In fact, when it comes to starting a sustainable business, she is convinced that she will put it off again because most startup programs actually want her to FAIL.
When all is said and done, Latifah just wants to be in business and on the road to economic freedom making 10k a month.

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“To help Latifah I would invite her to check out my YOU ARE ALREADY THE BOSS step-by-step business startup program, so she can spend no more time putting it off instead doing the essential steps for startups.
Allow myself,  as Coach Deyonne, to guide you step-by-step without being tech savy or putting it off again.”

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

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